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Transport in Catalonia

     In Catalonia, there are 12,000 km of roads . Of them - 962 km highways (655 km -paid and 307 km - free ). Basically, the road network is focused on Barcelona.


     Home expressway AP- 7 ( Autopista de Mediterráneo ) crosses all Catalonia from north to south. AP-2 - between Barcelona and Zaragoza ( Aragon ). C-32 , known as "Autopista Pau Casals " between Barcelona and El Vendrell. From Barcelona to the north of the C-32 is going to Palafols (gate Costa Brava ), but under a different name - "Autopista del Maresme." C- 25 - the road from Riudellots de la Selva ( Girona ) to servers ( Lleida ) around Barcelona, known as Echo transversal (transverse axis). Its length is 153 kilometers.


     The railway network of Catalonia has not changed much in the last 100 years and is strongly oriented to Barcelona. On the territory of Catalonia passenger traffic two companies : RENFE (controlled from Madrid) and CHF ( subject to local government). Accordingly, each company has its own trains and routes!


    In 2008 there was 3 lines of high-speed trains "Ave " ( bird). Routes : Barcelona - Madrid (via Zaragoza ), Barcelona - Malaga and Barcelona - Seville. In the future it is planned to organize a high-speed service to Paris.