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Great Catalonians

     Salvador Dali (1904 - 1989) - Catalan painter, sculptor, filmmaker and writer. One of the most famous artists of surrealism . During his lifetime, Dali wrote about 1,500 paintings, created dozens of illustrations for books, sketches for lithography, theatrical scenery and costumes, jewelery, countless drawings, sculptures, parallel involved in film and photographic projects.


     Anthony Tápies (1923 - 2012) - Catalan painter, graphic artist and sculptor, artist books, one of the foremost masters of world art from the second half of the XX century. Many of his works were awarded honorary international awards. His books have been translated into European languages ​​into Chinese and Japanese.


    Antonio Gaudi ( Antoni Placid Guillem Gaudi - and - Kurnet,1852 -1926 ) - a prominent Catalan architect, most bizarrely -fiction work which was erected in Barcelona.


    Joan Miro Ferra (1893-1983) - Catalan painter, sculptor and graphic artist. The direction of his art - abstract art. Miro is also close to surrealism, artist like incoherent children's drawings and contain figures, vaguely similar to the real items.


     Montserrat Caballe (1933, Barcelona ) - opera singer. Is known first and foremost, and his technique of belcanto roles in the performance of classical Italian operas of Rossini, Bellini. Fans of rock music known for an album with vocalist «Queen» Freddie Mercury - «Barselona» (1988).


     Pablo Casals - and - Defile (1876, Province of Tarragona -1973 ) - Catalan cellist, conductor, composer, musical and public figure. One of the most famous Spanish artists of the XX century. Organizer of the first in the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra 1920 and conductor until 1936. Peru Casals - owned composer "Hymn to the United Nations", also known as the " Hymn of Peace " for orchestra (1971 ), symphony, chamber music and other works.


     Jose Carreras (1946, Barcelona) - Opera singer (tenor). Jose Carreras discography includes over 150 recordings, including more than 50 operas, oratorios, as well as popular classical recitals, global circulation which have been the " gold " and " platinum ". Carreras - honorary doctorates from a number of universities around the world. UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador .


     Don Juan Antonio Samaranch , and Torelli , 1st Marquis of Samaranch (1920, Barcelona -2010 ) - politician and businessman, the seventh president of the International Olympic Committee, is recognized as one of the most prominent figures of the Olympic movement of the twentieth century. For his contribution to the Olympic Movement king of Spain in 1991 awarded the title of Marquis of Samaranch ( Don ) .


    Enrique Granados (1867 -1916) - Catalan composer and pianist, one of the most prominent figures of the Spanish musical culture in the late XIX - early XX centuries. His music is based mainly on Spanish folk elementah. In 1901 in Barcelona has created a piano school - Academy of Music (later named after him ), the director of which he remained until his death. In 1898 appears the first major work of the composer - the opera "Maria del Carmen", which, after setting in Madrid brings the author fame throughout the country. After the premiere of the opera Granados was granted the Order of Charles III. Later, he became a Knight of the Legion of Honor. The first of the Spanish composers ever visited the United States, Granados was invited by President Thomas Woodrow Wilson in the White House, where he made as a pianist.